Insect Control & Fertilization

Tree Pros Insect Control

Keeping your plants healthy is our mission.

Insect & Disease Control:

Tree Pros offers tree spraying, systemic soil applications and trunk injections to control insects that cause serious threats to your trees, however, we believe in minimizing the use of pesticides on our planet. We will only prescribe what your trees and shrubs need to thrive and nothing more. We save you money and safeguard our environment by using the minimum amount of chemicals necessary to achieve the desired control. When possible, we will utilize natural control methods to minimize pesticide usage. We are licensed with the Colorado Department of Agriculture and we take our role in the environment seriously.


Our fertilization programs are used to maintain trees and shrubs in a vigorous condition and to increase their resistance to injury from diseases and insects. Trees and shrubs need fertilization to stimulate more robust and vigorous growth including those exhibiting pale green, undersized leaves and reduced growth rates and those in declining condition (e.g. dead branch tips, dieback) resulting from insect attacks or disease problems.

Mycorrhizae Soil Treatment:

Our Arborists understand the connection between tree health and the “living soil" in which they grow. “Living soil" is a myriad of soil life that supports a healthy tree, including microscopic beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, and a wide variety of soil arthropods and worms. Their numbers in healthy soil are staggering, a teaspoon of soil can contain miles of fungal filament and several billion bacteria.

Treating roots with Mycorrhizae fungi will increase your plant's ability to absorb nutrients naturally, therefore, improve your plants growth rate and increase its tolerance to drought, disease and insects. Tree Pros offers a blend of “endo" and “ecto" mychorrhizae to assure your plants get the best there is to offer. Mycorrhizae is applied to the root zone of the tree using a low pressure liquid injection needle which helps maintain a healthy “living soil".

Call or email us to schedule a free evaluation from one of our ISA Certified Arborists. We will assess the overall health and condition of your valuable landscape plants and if necessary, prescribe a plant health program custom tailored to fit your budget and needs.